Friday, October 10, 2008

A Bag Raincoat: The Most Unappealing Bag Accessory Ever Made

I always consider designer bags an investment and for what it's worth, it would be best to keep them in their sleeping bags inside my closet during rainy days. I just happened to realize that I am not the only one with this idea in mind when I came across a forum where discussions circle around caring for purses and handbags that are worth, well, never mind.

A certain girl suggest getting those bag raincoat thingies and the other girl whose a Vuitton fanatic rejected the idea, saying that she'd rather go out without her favorite Louis Vuitton Vernis Reade than have a hideous plastic wrapped around her gorgeous LV. Another lady even shared her opinion that she's happy with her Coach bag that costs a couple of hundred bucks, because she can carry it around without having to worry about the bag getting drenched.

I agree with the LV girl. I hate the idea behind bag raincoats that I am pretty sure no girl in her right state of mind would use such for her quilted Chanel. Imagining the sight of it is enough to make me wanna throw up.

As for the Coach lady, you're lucky you can afford to have your bag get wet. Hypothetically, I have a Tonal C Carly, I still wouldn't submit to the idea that "it's ok for it to get wet, cos it costs less than my LV anyway." Cos really, my bags don't wanna be one with nature--rain or shine!

Hypothetically? Hmm.. Ok, now you're included in my wish list.

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