Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grab those Smashbox Cosmetics (According to my Instinct)

When it comes to shopping, I always go with what my instinct tells me. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a multiply site-- sells cosmetics of all sorts and brands--from Shu Uemura brushes and Cleansing Oils to Dior and Chanel Compacts and Palettes. I was amazed the moment I laid eyes on the products on her site! I am talking about me drooling here, ladies. And I know you understand me when I say it’s as good as walking down the isle of your favorite department store while gawking at gorgeous displays. And I know the drooling doesn’t change whether you’re looking at some steal or splurge items. The adrenaline is all the same. Lol.

While my eyes are doing their work of browsing through the site, my mind is, at the same time, doing its job of thinking of that something that I might need (thinking of your needs before they arise is different from learning that you ARE already in need of something. If you know what I mean). So anyway, I thought I need to get a new compact and a blush on and my instinct told me the Smashbox Self-Adjusting Powder Foundation and the Smashbox O-Glow would be perfect.

I followed a gut feel to buy the two without testing them first. The test was done after they were delivered to my doorsteps. Here’s my personal review:

The Smashbox O-Glow, is ok, I guess. For me, it’s just like any other blush except for the Goji Berry C content that’s food for the skin and the clear gel that magically transformed into a pinkish finish as I applied it on my cheeks. But I liked how it blended on my skin and the silky glow it left on my face.

The Smashbox Self-Adjusting Powder Foundation is perfect on my skin as I chose the right shade and coverage. I applied it lightly this morning since I wanted a day make-up effect and when I went out to dinner, I had to go with a medium coverage. It absorbs oil well and has a lasting effect. At the back of the box, it says it has vitamins for the skin—A, C and E, which makes this Smashbox make-up extra impressive. I also love the mirror size, which is big enough to see everything that’s going on in my face. Oh, and another thing that I liked about this is its case and sponge. It comes in a black matte case and a sponge that’s gentle on the skin yet durable. The verdict: The Smashbox Self-Adjusting Powder Foundation gets my 5 out of 5 stars!

So there. I guess it’s not only my instinct that never fails me but Smashbox make-ups as well. *wink*


Papot said...

I love makeupkit.multiply too!

Portia said...

i totally agree with you! makeupkit.multiply has so much stuff to choose from. i am a big fan of the o-glow, which i have myself :) it's the only thing i wear for everyday ... plus a touch of lip gloss. i'm more for skin care products and i highly recommend shu uemura!

JusT-iCeD said...

I agree, Shu Uemura's a good brand. I wanna buy the Deepsea Mist and the mini curler. :) Will post a review about those soon :)

mel said...

Makeupkit's products are so well edited. I personally love the shu cleansing oil! it removes makeup super easily plus it doubles as a facial wash...and it's great on my skin!