Monday, September 8, 2008

Prada Saffiano French Wallet: A Classy Piece

Before I bought my Prada Wallet, Prada Saffiano Leather Zip Around French Wallet to be particular, I was thinking of going for Bottega Veneta's, LV's or Gucci's. I was confused as hell. And it was one of the most difficult shopping decisions I've ever made. I was kind of hesitant to settle for the Saffiano Leather French Wallet because it's too plain for me--it's made of plain black leather with a Prada logo in front. But my instinct was telling me to consider it.

And the choice was finally made. I bought the Prada Wallet leaving my "old" wallet semi-broke (yah, I did't swipe my magic card, and used cash instead). Lol. At first, it bored me, and I somehow wasn't able to explain to myself why in the world I spent a hefty amount of money for such thing. It took me days before I fell in love with it I tell you. And that happened after I realized that it is indeed a pretty french wallet. It may not be that flashy but I can never go wrong with this style of Prada wallet because it complements my outfit and dates, from casual to semi-formal ones. It's simple yet very classy. I think the style of Prada Saffiano Leather Zip Around French Wallet really makes sense to me.

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